Returning to Nature This Spring in Margaret River

It is easy to see why the Margaret River region has become a favourite getaway destination in Australia. The year-round sunny climate is often likened to the Mediterranean, and the sea temperatures are truly inviting.

While it is always a great time to delve into its beauty, spring is when Mother Nature proudly showcases her finest qualities. There is no better way to witness nature in full bloom than discovering more of what the Margaret River has to offer in spring.

The region’s great outdoors can be explored through different means – from exhilarating mountain bike activities to fabulous gourmet al fresco eating. Margaret River presents plenty of ways to get back to nature in springtime.

Here are some ideas:


1. Hop on a bike and experience the exclusive mountain bike trails.

For a while, these mountain bike trails were a hidden gem. However, people found out the glorious sights they offer. Soon enough, they have earned a reputation as some of the most breathtaking trails, not just in the region and Australia but the rest of the world!

  • Whether you are a pro and you seek challenges, or you want a stress-free ride with your family, there is a trail for you.
  • Having your own wheels is not a requirement. We offer them for FREE at Forest Rise Chalets & Lodge!

Proceed to some of the bush tracks in the area for an immersive experience.


2. Witness the beauty of the wildflower season.

Margaret River Wildflowers bloom in spring

Margaret River wildflowers bloom in spring.

Spring is when wildflowers start blooming in Margaret River. They are flowers that grow naturally without humans tending to them. In reality, these flowers are all over the east coast and other populated areas in the country. But why are these wildflowers such a huge hit to tourists in the region?

The exquisiteness of the wildflowers is undeniable. They grow in vast numbers, tantalising the senses with their beautiful colours. The Margaret River region has more than 2,500 wildflower species!

There are a few ways to see these exotic flowers. However, the best thing to do is to grab a backpack and take a hike. Make sure to wear your sturdiest pair of shoes. Have your friends with you and explore hiking trails, such as the Cape to Cape Track.


3. Ride the swells.

If you love surfing, spring is the best time to reconnect with nature for going to the beach. The swells are still packed with winter grunt, but the waters are cleaner than ever. Having been left alone for quite some time, you will surely experience the best water conditions during springtime.

Another big plus is that you can find waves where they usually do not show. Winter storms would normally scrub sands off the beach, sending them to an offshore bank. All you need to do is to walk around and discover where you can find the absolute peak for your surfing adventure.

If you are a complete beginner, do not fret. There are schools that you can visit to learn how to properly and safely ride the waves. Margaret River has plenty of options, as well as Yallingup.


4. Hit the beach.

Gnarabup Beach

Gnarabup Beach is one of the region’s most popular.

Speaking of waves, you certainly do not want to miss the chance to swim in the crystal clear waters of the Margaret River region.

The area boasts over 200 kilometres of sparkling turquoise water and a golden shoreline from Busselton to Augusta.

You have several choices, including Meelup, Smiths Beach, Yallingup, and Gnarabup. They are among the most popular stretches of beaches in the area. If you do not mind the surfers, meet them at Surfers Point, Main Break, and Cow Bombie, where the best swells are found.

However, if your scene is more peaceful and secluded, there are also spots where you can take a dip, such as Siesta Park and Point Piquet.


5. Spend a magical time in a Margaret River vineyard.

Wine enthusiasts would often prefer to visit vineyards during autumn because of all the winemaking action. But if you aim to get back to nature and see its natural beauty, spring is your best choice since the flowers are in full bloom.

Margaret River has about 95 cellar doors, which are among the reasons why the region is renowned worldwide. The area’s first-ever commercial grapevines only started growing in 1967. However, the region possesses an array of microclimates, allowing Margaret River to forge excellence in reputation swiftly.

Today, it is now considered one of the most diverse and prized wine regions in the country. It is an area where 20 per cent of Australia’s premium wine production can be accounted for.

While wines are an exciting topic, vineyards show off the magnificence of native wisteria, orchids, and kangaroo paws, among many others. Of course, it is also a great time to witness the intricacy of flowers in the areas around Hay Shed Hill and Howard Park.

Tip: View 11 of the region’s most popular wineries here.


6. Have a picnic in the great outdoors.

You do not have to wait for summer to pack the perfect picnic in Margaret River. The weather is still a little chilly but pleasant so that you can spend more time outside of your Forest Rise chalet.

Sunset picnics are the best way to see the beauty of the surrounding area. Also, it is your chance to have a light and fresh dinner al fresco. Have a platter of cheese and olives. Complete your meal with fresh bread and delicious wine.

If you want an excuse to eat like a king, you may want to invite your friends over and crank up the barbeque. Margaret River gives several hotspots where you can enjoy a picturesque seaside experience with BBQs.

Picnics are as great as the location. If you are headed to the southwest, Yallingup Main Break is one of your top options. Consider the lookout right above the Rabbits surf break as well. Other selections include Prevelly and Surfers Point for an unforgettable moment with sunset drinks.

If camping spots are your cup of tea, Castle Rock and Meelup offer great sites.


7. Spring is the perfect time for whale-watching.

Breaching Humpback Whale

Breaching humpback whale near Margaret River.

No matter what your reason for visiting Margaret River is, whale-watching is an absolute must. This season is the time of the year to witness how whales are moving to the south.

With the Indian Ocean warming up, these mammals are looking to breed in the Antarctic waters. Their movement is easy to spot because they are not just gigantic but also usually make their annual pilgrimage in groups.

Find a place where you can be up high, such as the Sugarloaf Rock or Yallingup Beach. These places will let you discover how close the whales come!

There are different whale species that you have a chance to encounter in Margaret River. Humpback, Mink, Blue, and Southern Right Whales are just among them. Your visit to the region will never be complete unless you see at least one of these mammals.

Humpbacks are particularly famous and easy to see. They are known for being agile, and they gather in groups as they try to find a female to court. Meanwhile, Southern Right whales offer a great opportunity because they frequently calve in the bay – even in the shallow parts of the water.


8. Explore some caves.

If you think that the sites to wander around in Margaret River are all above-ground, you are wrong. Lake Cave is an example where you can find the famed “suspended table.” It is exceptionally hefty, weighing several tonnes of limestone crystals. The suspended table hangs from the ceiling and floats above the surface of the permanent lake in the cave. It is one of a kind – probably the only one in the world.

Another site that Australia takes pride in is the Jewel Cave Augusta. It is where you can find the most elongated straw stalactites in all tourist caves worldwide.

A unique cave that you can find in the area is the Mammoth Cave. It is just among the very few that are wheelchair accessible. Plus, it provides you with the chance to spectate megafauna fossils of ancient Australia.


Spend Your Spring in Margaret River

Spring is the best time to enjoy more time outdoors. Margaret River is the ultimate place to renew and rejuvenate not just your body but your mind and senses.