2018 Winter Escape to Forest Rise

Are you looking for a short holiday this winter? Well, this is the year to break out of the ordinary and escape to Forest Rise Chalets and Lodge for an amazing winter getaway.

Relax at Forest RiseFrom the beginning of winter until the end, Margaret River is where Mother Nature comes to life. There are so many marvelous attractions in and around the area that it is impossible to list each one. Rather than highlighting a few of our many activities, we offer you a bird’s eye view of what you can expect to see and do when you are here. The following information, gives you a general run down of the available activities that have made Margaret River a must see destination for visitors from across the country and from around the world. If you are interested in particular events occurring during specific dates, you can view the entire winter events calendar at https://www.margaretriver.com/events-calendar/.


Blue OrchidOur outdoor activities range in physical capabilities for all ages. There are walking, cycling, and hiking trails just outside your private chalet at Forest Rise. We have bikes available for all our guests. The local trails wander past some of the oldest trees on earth, colourful wildflowers, exotic birds, and native forest creatures.

Margaret River is also home to some of the world’s oldest known limestone and crystal formation caves. Whale watching is a not to be missed experience as these majestic mammals pass through the local waters during their winter migration to their breeding grounds. Additional outdoor activities include world class golf courses, horseback riding, rock-climbing, boating, and fishing. Your Forest Rise staff will gladly help you locate the outdoor activity of your choosing.

Regional Attractions

There is a large native Aborigine population in Margaret River with cultural centres where you can learn about the original inhabitants of our region. There is a cultural museum that houses artifacts and native handcrafts not seen anywhere else. The younger members of your group will be delighted with a visit to an animal farm or an old fashion English-style garden maze at Yallingup Maze. Stroll along crystal white beaches or take in the ocean from one of our region’s original lighthouses.

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Local Cuisine

Tapas with cheese, salami and salmonAn excellent way to taste and buy our delectable local produce is to visit one of the farmers markets located throughout the area. Our culinary scene offers a variety of dining specialties from local farmers, fishermen, dairies, bakeries, and poultry and meat growers, as well as popular delicacies from other continents. Whatever foods you prefer, there is an eating establishment waiting to satisfy your appetite. Whenever you’re in the mood for snacks or a meal, you’ll find a pub, coffee shop, cafe, or restaurant open.

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Wineries and Breweries

Our local wineries are credited with the birth of our now world class renowned red and white wines. And from those astounding vines our region has expanded to what is now one of the top nationally and internationally desired vacation destinations.

Explore the many possibilities of wine variances and tastes with a wine tour or a visit to a local brewery. Margaret River is home to a thriving, and diverse, number of craft beer breweries, cideries, and distilleries. Prepare yourself for an array of flavours and aromas brewed to tease and please the most discerning taste buds. And best of all, when you find your new favourite wine or beer, you can buy it here, ship it home, and enjoy it all year long.

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Art and Music

Local talent mixes and mingles with celebrities from across the country and around the globe. The winter concert and festival calendar is packed with large and small events that feature live performances, cinema screenings, and talent contests. Our artist population includes authors, handcrafted delicacies, portrait paintings, exotic crafts, and custom designed glass work, stone work, wood work, precious metals, ceramics, jewellery, leather pieces, and fabrics.


Your next great holiday awaits you at Forest Rise, where the days are brisk, the nights are cool, and there is always a warm fireplace in your private chalet. With all of the comforts and amenities available at Forest Rise, you can relax at your leisure and venture out only when you desire.

To find out about our winter escape offers and accommodation availability, call us direct on (08) 9755 7110.