Hiking and Walking

Our current path and trail recommendations highlight the most scenic hiking and walking attractions in and around the Margaret River/Forest Rise vicinity. From a variety of more than 50 Western Australian trails, we have selected some of the most popular venues for one day outdoor excursions that will delight the individual outdoor enthusiast, couples, families, or any number of exercise groups.

Bramley National Park, Margaret River

Karri Trees, Margaret RiverLocated on Swing Road in the northern edge of Margaret River, the National Park is a short 5 minute walk from Margaret River’s town centre. There are many different mountain and walking trails within the park that will take you through a forest of young Karri Trees, paths covered with shrubbery canopies, and bridges that cross over the Bramley Brook. The wonder of natural can be seen in the blooming seasonal wildflowers, and the musical chirping of wrens and other birds.

Within the park, there are two bush trails that start from a central location named Rotary Park. One circular trail is named The River Walk and travels adjacent to the river’s edge. The terrain is relatively flat which is ideal for a leisurely stroll. The other trail is named the 10 Mile Brook Walk Trail that leads from the start point to the 10 Mile Brook Dam with a return route. This trail, taken at a moderately easy pace, can be completed in approximately 4 hours.

Bramley National Park is open daily, has restroom facilities, and undercover picnic tables where you can rest and enjoy those takeaway snacks or sandwiches that you brought with you. For additional information or questions about the various trails in the park, call their central number at (08) 9752 5555.

Wardanup Trail, Yallingup

This picturesque trail encompasses both coastal scenery and shady forest paths. The trail is circular and begins and ends at the Rabbit Hill Carpark in Yallingup. The Wardanup Trail is for experienced hikers and walkers due to the changing terrain that includes a sandy beach, dense forest coverage, steep hillsides, cliffs, and coastal rocks. You’ll be one with nature as you work your way up to Wardanup Hill and then back down to Ngilgi Cave and the Yallingup Brook valley, with breathtaking views of Yallingup reef and Sugarloaf Rock. The Wardanup Trail is a popular walking and hiking location favored by the local residents.

Come prepared for a sturdy trail experience, bring water to stay hydrated, a hat to shield your head from bright sunlight and overhanging leaves and limbs, a cotton, long sleeved shirt to protect your arms, and sunscreen to protect your exposed legs and arms. Bring your best walking/hiking boots to handle the different ground coverings. The entire circular train is 6.3 km and allowing for rest stops and nature gazing, can take all of 3 hours to complete.

The Wardanup Trail is open to the public every day, has restroom facilities, and resting areas to take in the changing views or just to sit and enjoy a bottle of water and a snack. There is no administrative telephone connection with the trail, but it does travel through the township of Yallingup and the Cave House gardens.

Driving Direction to Rabbit Hill Carpark, Yallingup From Margaret River Visitor Centre, 100 Bussell Highway

From Margaret River travel south via Bussell Highway/Caves Road to Yallingup Beach Road, and follow the signs for Rabbit Hill Carpark. The driving distance from the Margaret River Visitors Centre is approximately 33 km and will take about 32 minutes.

Driving Direction to Rabbit Hill Carpark, Yallingup From Forest Rise, 231 Yelverton Road

From Forest Rise, follow the same travel information as that for the Margaret River Visitor Centre, given above. The driving distance from Forest Rise is approximately 27 km and will take about 27 minutes.

Check back with this page often as we will be adding more expansive trails to accommodate the exploring requests of our more adventurous guests.