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Margaret River WineryThere have been a handful of countries that have proven more climatically advantageous in producing exceptionally renowned wines. Today, Australia is acknowledged as one of the top 5 best wine producing countries in the world.

While the country’s signature Shiraz grapes were first introduced in 1832, the modern era of Margaret River wineries has evolved from one initial grape farm in 1967 to an amazing viticulture paradise of over 200 private and public vineyards. The area’s climate and geography have proven to be an idyllic blend of the natural resources required for growing exceptional grapes. The Margaret River winery region produces 5% of Australia’s entire grape population, but boasts over 20% of the country’s entire premium market for wines.


Huge Variety of Wines and Vineyards

Wine and CheeseThe outstanding reputation of the Margaret River wine region may be primarily based on its Cabernet Sauvignon wines and its Chardonnay wines, it also has an excellent standing for its Semillon Sauvignon Blanc wines. Amongst all of its regional wineries, Margaret River yields a variety of harvested grapes that are nearly evenly divided between the reds of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Merlot, and the whites of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, and Verdelho. The wineries in Margaret River are also experiencing an emerging introduction of, and demand for, Tempranillo, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Gris.

Whether you are an oenophile, an average lover of wine, or someone who appreciates an occasional celebratory glass of wine, your adventure through the cellar doors of the best wineries in Margaret River will reveal a bounty of unique, one-of-kind, wines that are not to be found anywhere else.

With so many vineyards in this small region, it will be an easy adventure to discover more than one of the best wineries Margaret River has to offer that will suit your taste buds. The vast majority of the best Margaret River wineries welcome daily visitors, provide vineyard tours, and offer wine tastings. Exploring and finding your personal best winery Margaret River is limitless in its diversity. The vineyards range in style, size, and amenities from small, stand alone, farm style operations to grand estates with restaurants, cafes, and family friendly activities for young children.

There are a number of Margaret River wineries with exquisite scenic vineyard views, art galleries, and festive summer concerts. The majority of the best Margaret River wineries are classified as boutiques, where they offer a selection of specialised wines locally produced in an annually limited number of cases.

Whether you are engaging in your first visit, or you are returning for a cellar door experience, there is always a new bouquet, a new taste, or a new twist on an old favourite to be found. Whichever range of wine tastes you prefer, from the very dry to the really sweet, and every variation in between, you’ll find it at one or more of the best wineries in Margaret River.

Our Top Recommended Wineries Margaret River Has to Offer

We recommend the following Margaret River wineries for your consideration when planning your trip around the area. To read more about a winery that interests you, click on that particular winery for more detailed information about their vineyard tours, tasting events, dining facilities, accommodations, operating hours, and contact information.

  1. Vasse Felix: The Matriarch of the Margaret River wine region. Established in 1967, Vasse Felix was the area’s first vineyard. Today the estate has expanded into four separate vineyards with each one specialising in authentic blends of Margaret River grapes.
    >> Learn More About Vasse Felix
  2. Brookwood Estate: Founded in 1996, Brookwood Estate Winery remains a family owned and operated vineyard. Beyond their excellent selection of the region’s best white and red wines, Brookwood has evolved into an extraordinary location for food lovers. The Brookwood café has been rated by Trip Advisor as one of the best restaurants in the Margaret River region.
    >> Learn More About Brookwood Estate
  3. Lenton Brae: Established in 1982, Lenton Brae began, and remains, a small privately owned and operated vineyard. Today, Lenton Brae’s winemaking is managed by a second generation family member. All of the vineyard wines are hand harvested and brought to maturity on the winery’s estate.
    >> Learn More About Lenton Brae
  4. Woody Nook: This winery sits on the site of a former sawmill and today produces some of the most prized wines in the Margaret River wine region. Although originally purchased in 1978, the Woody Nook label first emerged in 1987. Since that time, it has won an unprecedented number awards for excellence in both white and red wine categories.
    >> Learn More About Woody Nook
  5. Amelia Park: Amelia Park is one of the younger wineries in the Margaret River region. It was started in 2009 by the multi-decorated winemaker Jeremy Gordon, his wife Daniela, and Peter Walsh. In the short span since their beginnings, the winery has earned an impressive number of awards and accolades. Among the winery’s various awards are 5 Red Stars from James Halliday’s Wine Companion, 2014 Margaret River Winery of the Year, and Jeremy being a finalist for the 2015 International Red Winemaker of the Year.
    >> Learn More About Amelia Park
  6. Woodlands Winery: Established in 1973 by David and Heather Watson, the Woodlands winery is one of the five original vineyards in Margaret River. Today the winery remains owned and operated by the Watson family with their sons, Stuart and Andrew working and managing the vineyard. Cabernet Sauvignon is the premier Woodlands wine with a long record of awards and accolades.
    >> Learn More About Woodlands Winery
  7. Stormflower Winery: When you love the bouquet and the tongue pleasing sensation from a wine aged to perfection that has also been grown in sustainable, organic soil, then the Stormflower is the ideal vineyard for you. This is a small winery that places emphasis on the high fruit quality of their grapes rather than high volume production. The Stormflower is a fully certified organic vineyard and their annual, single wine releases, are highly coveted throughout the Margaret River region, and only sold in Australia with international shipping available.
    >> Learn More About Stormflower Winery

Wine Terminology

Wine Varieties

  • Red Wines are red because they are fermented with the grape skins, which means there is more tannic in the wines.
  • By contrast, White Wines are fermented without the grape skins, are more acidic, but less tannin.
  • Sparkling Wines have those delightful bubbles that tickle your nose.
  • Dessert Wines are generally sweeter while having a higher alcohol content.

Common Wine Terminology

  • Sweetness: This is certainly a personal preference. While sweetness may not require a lot of explanation, medium dry wines can provide a hint of sweetness, and dry wines are devoid of sweetness.
  • Acidity: White wines are famous for their acidity. This is a quality that adds to their crisp, refreshing taste.
  • Tannin: Without tannins, there would be no red wines. Wines with a concentration of tannins lean towards an astringent or bitter taste. The lower the amount of tannins in the wines, the softer and smoother the taste.
  • Body: This is a term used to define a wine’s viscosity, liquid consistency, which will make it look thick and syrupy or thin and watery. The amount of sugars and alcohol in the wine will determine the final appearance and consistency. The higher the levels of sugars and alcohol, the thicker the appearance and the more the wine’s tendency to cling longer on the side of the wine glass. Full bodied wines have a thicker feel on the tongue, light bodied wines have a consistency closer to the feel of drinking water, and medium bodied wines are a softer blend of full and light bodied wines.
  • Aroma and Bouquet: While most people use these terms interchangeable, there is a difference in their meanings. Aroma is a word associated with the distinguishable essence which emanates from grape varietals or the emanating essence developed during the fermentation phase of winemaking. Bouquet is a word associated with the resulting essence which is created after the fermentation and maturing phase.
  • Flavours: While there are dozens of ways to describe a wine’s basic flavour, the most understood terms that will help in your selection process are: earthy, spicy, smoky, fruity, and flowery. If you are not sure which flavour is meant for you, visit one of the best wineries in Margaret River and ask the cellar door staffer for something earthy or something fruity, or ask for a light bodied wine and a full bodied wine to experience the differences.

Come and Visit Margaret River Wineries

With its friendly, laid back atmosphere, the Margaret River wine region is the ideal getaway for the day, for a mini vacation, for a romantic weekend, or for a family holiday. It is not unusual to come for the day, fall in love with the area, and stay for a few extra days. The best wineries in Margaret River welcome you to explore their vineyards, to tour their facilities, and to tease your nose and taste buds with their delectable rainbow of fine wine bouquets, textures, and flavours. When you find that must-have wine, you can buy a bottle, or a case, in the cellar store to carry away with you, or you can have your purchase shipped to your home. Most Margaret River wineries offer gift packages that you can send to family and friends for special events and holidays.

Margaret River Wineries

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