10 Of The Most Popular Wineries in Margaret River

WineriesMargaret River is not only a premier resort location, it is also home to most of the finest wines in all of Australia.

From the single, original winery planted in 1967 to the more than 120 vineyards in production today, it is not surprising that trying to decide which wineries to visit can be a daunting dilemma for both first time and returning wine lovers.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can enjoy a day of wine tasting at one or more of our larger growers, or find a new favourite flavour at one of our smaller niche growers.

While all of our wineries are worth a try, we proudly recommend the following 11 popular vineyards in the Margaret River Wine Region.

1. Vasse Felix

As the original, modern day winery, Vasse Felix is affectionately known as The Matriarch of our regional vineyards and one of the must-visit locations in Margaret River. Located on Caves Road in Wilyabrup, Vasse Felix has grown in both specialised wines featuring only authentic blends of grapes grown locally in Margaret River and the number of vineyards in operation.

Today, there are four separate specialty Vasse Felix vines. The original Home Vineyard features Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Chardonnay wines. The Gnarawary Vineyard features Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Shiraz wines. The Karridale Vineyard features Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Semillon wines. The Adams Road Vineyard features all of the Vasse Felix wine collections. Winery tours, wine tasting, and cellar door sales are available at all locations.

Besides being a local favourite for world class Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, Vasse Felix has an exclusive, contemporary Art Gallery that is open to the public and housed in the original winery and barrel hall. The elaborate art work delights winery visitors and art lovers alike. Vasse Felix has ample parking for private vehicles and buses, and it is handicap assessable. The restaurant at Vasse Felix has earned the top Australian 2 Chefs Hat award for its world class dining.

To make restaurant or tour reservations, or for specific information on their daily hours of operation, visit their website at www.vassefelix.com.au, or contact them directly at (08) 9756 5060.

2. Cullen Wines

Cullen Wines is one of the initial wineries in Margaret River that started with a small area of vines planted in 1971. The winery is located on Caves Road in Wilyabrup next to the Vasse Felix vineyard. Cullen Wines remains a mostly local vineyard, it has produced award winning reds and whites. The winery continues to be operated by the Cullen family.

Since 1998, Cullen Wines has been a totally organic viticulture. Their exclusive Diana Madeline Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, a unique combination of 10% Cabernet Franc, 30% Merlot, and 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, and their Kevin John Chardonnay have won numerous awards for exceptional taste. There are other taste bud pleasing whites and reds available at their cellar door.

What makes Cullen Wines a popular vineyard is their selection of locally produced wines, their family and pet friendly atmosphere, and their rustic granite and timber restaurant with a complete organic menu. Visitors can extend their adventure at Cullen Wines with a romantic overnight stay in the Cullen Homestead.

To make restaurant Homestead, or tour reservations, or for specific information on their daily hours of operation, visit their website at www.cullenwines.com.au, or contact them directly at (08) 9780 5911.

The South West Wine Region

3. Leeuwin Estate

Leeuwin Estate is a member of the original six Margaret River wineries. The winery is located on Stevens Road in the heart of Margaret River. This locally owned and operated vineyard is a favourite with local residents, tourists, and wine aficionados in over 30 countries. The 5 Leeuwin Estate distinguished flagship Art Series wines are their award winning Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. Their other wine collections are labeled as Prelude and Siblings.

The Leeuwin restaurant has been voted one of the Top 10 West Australian restaurants for 2017. During the warmer weather, you can also enjoy alfresco dining. One major attraction at Leeuwin Estate is regular live entertainment and their special summer concerts that have featured A-list artists such as Sting, James Taylor, and Diana Krall. There is plenty of parking for private vehicles and tour buses. Due to the popularity of Leeuwin Estate, reservations are highly recommended for their dining facilities.

To make restaurant or tour reservations, or for specific information on their daily hours of operation, visit their website at https://leeuwinestate.com.au, or contact them directly at (08) 9780 5911.

4. Brookwood Estate

Brookwood Estate is One of Margaret River's Best WineriesThe land that includes the Brookwood Estate has been in the Mann family for over a century, but the first grapevines were planted in 1996. The winery is located on Treeton Road in Cowaramup.

The categories of wines bearing the Brookwood Estate label are sparkling wines, white wines, red wines, and rose. All of the wines, including their exclusive Museum and Reserve stocks, are available at the vineyard’s cellar door for take away sales or shipping. There are several wine tasting events each day and it is not unusual to see a member of the owner’s family hosting one of the events.

You can elect to eat in the café or you can relax on the verandah and enjoy the fresh air and the spectacular view of the growing vines. A favourite of visitors to Brookwood Estate is sampling the home made delectable gourmet items like sauces, dukkah, jelly and olive oils that can be paired with their wines when entertaining at home. All of the food items can purchased at the cellar door and have the creative label that reads, That Margaret River Stuff.

To make restaurant, tour or cottage reservations, or for specific information on their daily hours of operation, visit their website at https://brookwood.com.au, or contact them directly at 08 9755 5604.

5. Aravina Estate

The Aravina Estate label, established in 2010, is relatively new within the wine production community of Margaret River. However, this vineyard, located on Thornton Road in Yallingup, was formerly known as Amberley Estate.

The winery has a delectable collection of whites, reds, and sparkling wines, and has been named a 2018 5-star winery by the wine connoisseur James Halliday. If you are looking for your next favourite wine, Aravina Estate may just be the place to find it.

But, be prepared for fun and surprises when visiting Aravina Estate. The new owner, Steve Tobin, wants his vineyard to be more than wine and food. He has made his estate an excellent entertainment center for the entire family. There is a European styled playground for the children, a collection of antique sports cars and motorcycles, and a gallery display of surf memorabilia. What’s not to love at Aravina Estate?

For specific information on their daily hours of operation, visit their website at https://aravinaestate.com, or contact them directly at (08) 9750 1111.

6. Lenton Brae

Lenton Brae opened its doors in 1982. It is located on the scenic Caves Road in central Wilyabrup. This small regional vineyard is family owned and operated. All of their white and red grapevines are grown and pressed on the Lenton Brae property.

They have earned the prestigious 5-star winery rating by wine aficionado James Halliday. The winery is disabled assessable with plenty of parking space for private vehicles and tour coaches. Small groups of less than 10 guests do not need reservations for either the cellar door or wine tasting events. Larger groups can make arrangements for winery tours and tastings. Lenton Brae has free shipping anywhere within Australia for purchases of 12 bottle cases.

The main building was specifically designed to accentuate the exquisite surrounding view of Wilyabrup Valley. There is an emphasis on family friendly amenities with a viewing platform overlooking the beauty of the growing grapevines, chiming bells in the bell tower, an art gallery, and a BBQ and picnic area with restroom facilities. Enjoy a family fun day dining outdoors in the picnic area while listening to the bell chimes every 15 minutes.

For specific information on their daily hours of operation, visit their website at https://www.lentonbrae.com, or contact them directly at (08) 9755 6255.

Red wine served with cheese

7. Stella Bella Wines

If you are looking for something new, small, and local, then look no further than Stella Bella Wines. This is a small grapevine production with a cellar door located close to the Margaret River Town Centre on Rosa Brook Road in Margaret River.

Their cellar door offers the full selection of wines from all 5 of their separate vineyards in the local area. In addition to the red and white Stella Bella label wines, you will be delighted with their Stella Bella Serie Luminosa, Stella Bella Suckfizzle, and Stella Bella Skuttlebutt label wines. All of their wines are produced from locally grown and pressed vines. The label names are as enticing as their tastes are delicious.

Stella Bella is a favourite with the local population and with visitors looking for a new favourite wine that is not mass produced. This cozy, small environment includes the limited space in their cellar door, and there is no indoor eatery, nor any fancy gift shop. But, their Rosa Brook Road location does have a picnic area set in the middle of the vineyard for a great outdoor wine and dine experience. You will need to bring your own ready-to-eat food, but wine and non-alcoholic beverages can be purchased at the cellar door. Pets are welcome as long as they are on a leash.

For specific information on their daily hours of operation, visit their website at https://www.stellabella.com.au, or contact them directly at either the cellar door (08) 9758 8611 or their main office (08) 9757 6377.

8. Woody Nook Winery

The Woody Nook Winery is a small boutique vineyard that is family owned and operated. It is located on Metricup Road in Wilyabrup on the same property that once housed a sawmill. This local favourite estate offers a selection of white and red wines, Rose, Port, Tempranillo, and Graciano. All of the Woody Nook wines are available for sales at the cellar door. Unique wine themed accessories and clothing are also available at the cellar door.

The Nookery Café is a rustic wooden structure on the edge of the winery with a forest backdrop and a front view overlooking a fish pond. You can eat in the café, outside under the pergola, or on the all-weather patio. There is a playground for the children. Parking is sufficient for private vehicles and tour coaches.

For specific information on their daily hours of operation or to make reservations, visit their website at https://woodynook.com.au, or contact them directly at +61 (0) 8 9755 7547.


9. Berry Farm

If uniquely local, family oriented, and special is on your to-do list, you must visit the Berry Farm. It is located on Bessell Road in Rosa Glen.

The Berry Farm is well known for both its wines and its gourmet delicacies. Unlike the traditional Margaret River varietals of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay produced by other vineyards, the Berry Farm produces Sparkling Fruit wines, Ports, Ciders, Vinegars, and Liqueurs. In their cellar door you’ll find a wide variety of gourmet food that include homemade preserves, dressings, jams, and syrups. All of the wines and food products are made on-site at the Berry Farm.

A visit to the Berry Farm can easily last for hours. You are encouraged to bring a healthy appetite to fully enjoy tasting, both wines and foods, before you buy. Berry Farm has something for every member of the family. There is a play area in the cellar door where the children can be entertained while the adults indulge in wine and food tastings.

The Cottage Café features country style meals, homemade desserts, morning and afternoon teas, and non-alcoholic beverages for their younger visitors. The café has a quiet, relaxing outdoor garden setting complete with timber floors and wide verandas. The Berry Farm has an outdoor adventure playground for the children.

For specific information on their daily hours of operation, visit their website at https://theberryfarm.com.au, or contact them directly at 08 9757 5054.

10. Flowstone

If you are looking for something a bit off the beaten track, think Flowstone winery. This is a young, small vineyard owned by two gentlemen with decades of extensive vineyard experience and a passion for great tasting, creative wines. Flowstone is located south of Margaret River Township in Forest Grove. The owners’ intention is to remain small and local, with an emphasis on wines that delight and surprise wine lovers. To demonstrate how small this vineyard is, all of their wines are made on-site in a shed next to the owners’ home.

Currently, Flowstone produces a variety of wines, with a unique twist, which are symbolic of the traditional vineyards in the Margaret River wine region. Their wines include a palate pleasing Sauvignon Blanc, a southern regional Chardonnay, a rich Gewurztraminer, a fruity Shiraz Grenache, a Portuguese inspired Cabernet Sauvignon Touriga, and two Flowstone originals known as Queen of the Earth Chardonnay and Queen of the Earth Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Flowstone is totally about the grapevines and the conversion from vines to wines. There is no eatery or picnic area, no parking lot, and no public hours of operation at the Flowstone. Flowstone owners are available for one-on-one conversations, and they do welcome visitors for wine tastings and cellar door sales, but these tours are by appointment only.

For specific information about their wines, visit their website at https://flowstonewines.com, or contact them directly at 0487 010 275, or send a message to their email address at flowstone@flowstonewines.com.

Legal Reminder

You must be at least 18 years old to be sold or to drink alcoholic beverages in Western Australia.

With all of our wonderful wineries in and around the Margaret River region, it is not surprising that law enforcement personnel are very alert to potential drunk driving situations. If you plan to visit several wineries during the day, we highly recommend that you either designate one adult to be the sober driver or to hire a driver for the day. We want your trip to the area to be a memorable visit for all the right reasons.