What’s the Best Burger in the Margaret River Region?

Are these the best burgers in Margaret River?

Note: images are for illustrative purposes only. Please click on the links below to visit the respective menus for each venue.

The best burger in the Margaret River region is that one creation of tongue pleasing, mouthwatering ingredients that satisfies both your desire for delectable comfort food and amazes your taste buds.

Like everything we eat, determining what makes a burger the best is a matter of personal preference. And, because of the differences in individual tastes, we faced a real challenge in finding only one best burger in Margaret River.

In the Popeye comic strip Wimpy was an intellectual, burger mooching, con artist. His love of burgers was well known and best defined in one of his better known catchphrases, “There’s nothing in the world that’s so divine, as a hamburger, tender and fine.” Putting his personality flaws aside, Wimpy understood the desire for eating only the best burgers available. We adopted Wimpy’s quest as we searched for the best burger in the Margaret River region.

How Did We Judge the Best Burger?

In addition to seeking eateries that specialised in meat or vegetarian burgers, consideration was given to the freshness of all ingredients, the use of special sauces and spices, how the burger was cooked, the variety of available toppings, and the quality of the bun.

We were also interested in the atmosphere of the eateries, the friendliness of the employees, and the cleanliness of the establishments. The end result is that there are four, rather than just one best burger, selections that we are proud to recommend where burger lovers will be able to find that one succulent, perfectly prepared burger that will meet or exceed expectations.

Our recommendations for the top four best burgers in the Margaret River region are:

1. Burger Baby

BBQ beef burgerBurger Baby is a hands down favourite local burger eatery located in the main Margaret River shopping complex on Bussell Highway.

The atmosphere is casual dining, both indoors and outside on the patio. Their items are also available for takeaway. Their menu offers beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and vegetarian burgers, all cooked to order using the finest local fresh ingredients, and served on a fresh baked brioche bun. Seasonal side dishes, additional entrees, and decadent desserts are available as well as a variety of local wines, craft beers, sodas, and alcoholic drinks.

You can see the full menu on their website: https://www.burgerbabymargs.com/.

Don’t be surprised if Burger Baby quickly becomes your best burger eatery whenever you are in the Margaret River region. Burger Baby is open 7 days a week for the lunch and dinner hours. Reservations are not mandatory, but recommended for large groups. There is ample parking available and the restaurant is wheelchair accessible.

For reservations and inquiries, call Burger Baby on (08) 9757 9991. The restaurant is located at Shop #1/115 Bussell Highway, Margaret River, WA 6285. It is a 25 minute drive from Forest Rise.

2. The Greenroom Margaret River

The Greenroom Margaret River restaurant is located on Bussell Highway, down the street from the Visitor’s Centre.

The atmosphere is casual daily dining-in with friendly staff personnel, outdoor dining, and delivery service available from Tuesdays through Saturdays. Their menu offers beef, chicken, pork, and vegetarian burgers created from fresh, local produce, and they are served on fresh baked, flavourful hardy buns that support the weight and juices of a delectable burger without falling apart. Additional entrée and side items are available, as well as luscious desserts, and they have a portion sized children’s menu. All of the beverages are non-alcoholic.

You can view the full menu on their website: https://thegreenroom-margaretriver.com.au/.

The Greenroom Margaret River is open daily for lunch, dinner, and snacks. Reservations are not required and there is ample parking available. For inquiries and delivery service, call The Greenroom Margaret River on (08) 9758 7448.

The restaurant is located at 113b Bussell Highway, Margaret River, WA 6285 and it is a short 25 minute drive from Forest Rise.

3. Café Boranup

Café Boranup is a one-of-a-kind burger experience.

The café is ideally located in a natural setting of Eucalyptus bush with music provided by native birds. The ambience is casual dining in the wild. The tables are constructed from solid, local Jarrah trees, the building was built from rammed earth, and there are full wall size glass windows to enjoy the natural bush environment. Art work is on display from the Boranup Gallery next door. There is a play area for the children and outdoor deck area with couches and blinds for private dining.

The menu offers beef, chicken, venison, and vegan burgers made from fresh, local ingredients, and are served on toasted buns from the Augusta Bakery. Beer battered chips are served with all burger orders. All desserts and beverages are non-alcoholic. The menu garnishments are subject to seasonal availability.

A full menu for Café Boranup can be viewed on their website at https://www.cafeboranup.com/burger-menu.

The café is open daily from 9 AM to 4 PM for snacks, lunch, and early dinners. Reservations are not required, but are encouraged for large groups, the building is disability friendly, and there is ample parking available. For inquiries and reservations call Café Boranup on (08) 9757 7279.

The café is located at 7981 Caves Road, Forest Grove, WA 6286 and is a 45 minute drive from Forest Rise.

4. The Urban Bean

Vegan rye bunThe Urban Bean is the ideal place where vegetarians can enjoy every item on the menu, especially the variety of burgers and snacks.

The burger buns are locally baked and non-GMO. All of the ingredients are fresh, highlight Margaret River produce, and the menu is subject to change due to seasonal availability of fruits and vegetables. The atmosphere is casual dining with available takeaway. The beverages are non-alcoholic and feature healthy, natural liquids. The coffee bar is operated by professional baristas who brew some of the most delectable coffees anywhere in Margaret River.

The Urban Bean is open daily from 6:30 AM to 4 PM for early morning breakfast, mid-morning brunch, lunch, and afternoon snacks. The restaurant is disability accessible, and there is ample off-street parking. Reservations are not required. For inquiries or information about daily specials, call the Urban Bean on (08) 9757 3480.

The restaurant is located on the main thoroughfare in Margaret River at 157 Bussell Highway, Margaret River, WA 6285 and it is a short 25 minute drive from Forest Rise.