Escape to Forest Rise This Winter

Margaret River may be the ideal vacation location during the warmer seasons, but it becomes a well-kept, secret paradise during the winter months.

There are exceptional indoor and outdoor activities that truly come to life in the Margaret River winter. This area becomes your private domain for romantic weekend holidays, or for a special mid-week mini vacation with friends and family. The only problem you will have is deciding on where to start. Here are some of the most enticing features that will turn your getaway into an unforgettable adventure.

Outdoor Activities

Whale Watching

Breaching Humpback WhaleThere is nothing that comes close to true bliss like watching the ocean’s most majestic mammals as they migrate to their breeding grounds while still taking time to play in the waters of the Southern Ocean.

There is an undefinable thrill of the up-close and personal sight of humpbacks, southern rights, and blue whales performing an aquatic ballet of upward breaches out of the ocean, bends and twists, and tail-slappings before returning into the water’s depth. Absolutely breathtaking!

Lighthouse Viewing

Nothing can complement a whale watching outing more than viewing these magnificent sea creatures from the view at the top of the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. The best time of the day to catch the water antics of the migrating whales is during the noon hour. The extra bonus of this day trip is being able to see, with the naked eye, where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet just off the Cape Leeuwin coastline. This is a heaven-on-earth experience, but due to the strength of the window winds, don’t forget to wear your heavy coats and hats.

Wildflowers on Parade

Fringe Lily FlowerAnother natural treasure springs to life when Mother Nature dons her domain with a winter carpet of wildflowers. Of all the world’s 34 biodiversity hotspots, this area is home to the only World Wildlife Fund certified hotspot in Australia.

Whether you choose to explore the wildflower parade with a heritage trail walking tour or to drive along the terrain, you’ll encounter a rainbow of colors to tempt any painter’s palette and an essence of scents that will remain in your memory forever. When on a walking trail, keep your eyes open for the most sought after prize of the season, truffles, ready for the picking and the roasting over an open fire. Yum!

Wine Tours

Without a doubt, the top attraction in Margaret River is our endless availability to vineyards, for touring, dining, and tasting. This year marks the 50th anniversary of our first wine offerings and we are delighted to celebrate this landmark with everyone who visits the area. You can plan a vineyard tour on your own or join a chartered trip that will include guided vineyard tours, access to cellar doors, and the luxury of dining in winery cafes or restaurants, both indoors and on verandas. Imagine imbibing nature’s bounty surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Indoor Activities

Lodging and Accommodations

Relax in Our Margaret River ChaletsYour indoor winter holiday begins with your lodging accommodations. Forest Rise is one of the region’s more private, romantic, and luxurious, award winning resorts, exclusively designed for couples and small families.

Forest Rise is admired for its natural backdrop nestled among hiking and biking trails, vineyards, flowers, and faunas. Our establishment has a limited number of private chalets and lodges that feature log fires, a massage service, gourmet hampers, local prize winning Margaret River red wines, king size beds, and spa facilities. During the winter months, we have unbelievable offers that make pure luxury possible at affordable pricing.

Dining and Drinks

Whether your taste buds crave mouthwatering steaks, seafood grilled on the BBQ, locally produced vegetables and fruits, locally crafted chocolates or cheeses; you’ll find it here in Margaret River. Our culinary menu is as diverse as the people who come to Margaret River. Visit Margaret River and taste the delights from around the world.

Our regional wines have earned world class awards for both white and red wines. A trip to Margaret River would not be complete without visiting a local vineyard or lounge and enjoying a glass, or bottle, of our local specialties. Our prize winning white wines feature Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Verdelho. Our equally renowned red wines include Shiraz, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Once you’ve tasted our superior grapes, your tongue will know what real ecstasy is.

Art Galleries, Studios, and Factories

As you venture around the area, you’ll be delighted with all of the exotic crafts and delicious foods handmade by local artists. Some of our artists offer you the opportunity to paint your own artwork, participate in soap making, watch how cheese, chocolate, and jams are made, create your own unique piece of jewelry or leather goods, and much more. If you have a special interest, there is an artist here that can match your shopping desire.

Come Visit Us

Now is the time to take advantage of Margaret River’s winter utopia, while there are no crowds and lots of great attractions. Don’t let this be another winter of looking for something to do when we are waiting to make this your winter of a lifetime. Book today, come tomorrow, and stay as long as your heart desires.



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