The Orchids are Blooming!

Spring is Decorating Margaret River with Orchids

Blue OrchidThe anticipation is over, spring has arrived, and nature’s festival of fantastic flora is waking up from the winter’s slumber. In the world, there are only 34 recognised flora hotspots, and Margaret River is one of them! This springtime parade of beauty may have begun its procession in the north, but the climax of the season ends in the South West region.

There are a number of excellent national parks, walking trails, biking trails, and driving tours available for all the nature lovers and botanists that flock to Margaret River during this spectacular season (for more information on tours and hotspots see MargaretRiver.com). Most visitors try to time their holidays to coincide with the blooming of the more than 2000 species of wildflowers and the 150+ uniquely Australian orchids.

Enjoy the Forest Rise Surrounds

To accommodate our guests staying in our newly renovated chalets and lodges, Forest Rise is pleased to supply trail bikes for the local exploration of our region’s exotic orchids in their native environment. The nearest trail to our location is the Margaret River Walking and Biking Trails where you can experience, first hand, the bounty of Western Australia’s diverse and exquisite flora in all their exploding colors and scents. The local Visitors Centre has maps and tour group information that highlights the precise locations of our regional wildflowers and orchids such as the yellow and purple patersonia, the rattle beak orchid, and the flying duck orchid.

Fringe Lily FlowerThe challenge for photographers is in attempting to capture on film the colourful beauty of these native species in all of our natural glory as seen by the naked eye. It is important to remember that our orchids are a local treasure to be enjoyed by everyone. You are encouraged to look to your hearts’ content and to breathe in the delicate bouquet of all of the blooms. But, please remember that it is illegal to pick the orchids or wildflowers, and that there are fines for those who violate the rules.

A Must See This Spring

Our one of a kind, Western Australian wildflowers and orchids are on the must see list for every horticulturist around the globe. The allure of our orchids are to nature lovers and botanists what honeysuckle is to bees, they cannot be resisted or missed. Pack a picnic lunch to take along when venturing out to visit nearby regional parks, forests, walking and biking trails that offer breathtaking panoramic vistas of the most astonishing orchids to be seen anywhere in Western Australia. Mother Nature’s blooms are only on display for a short period of time before they return to their underground beds to await their call to reawaken next spring.

The springtime attraction of Margaret River’s vibrant wildflowers and orchids means that there is a flurry of visitors to the area and deluxe accommodations book up long before the flora arrive. Whether your desire is to engage in a multi-day vista adventure or to enjoy a romantic springtime mini-getaway, now is the time to make your Forest Rise reservations. Once you have seen the beauty of our landscapes, you’ll understand why springtime in Margaret River is the best time of year to visit.