Margaret River Where the Summer BEAT* Goes On

*BEAT = Boundless Excitement, Adventure, and Thrills

The warmth of the sun, the long daylight hours, and the spectacular sunsets all add up to holiday time in Margaret River. After months of social distancing, working from home, and ZOOM meetings, it’s time to get outside and enjoy all the beauty that nature has brought back to life during this vacation season.

Beautiful beach in Margaret River during summer.We understand that everyone has their own thoughts on what makes an ideal summer vacation. When you stay at Forest Rise it is our pleasure to help make your plans become a reality.

You will find that while you are here at our exclusive, secluded retreat, you will receive anticipated comforts and courtesies that celebrities and royalty will envy.

We can assist you with transportation or driving directions, with tips on how to make the most of nature trails and to provide hiking bikes for local explorations, with lunch hampers for your day trips, with making dinner reservations at local eateries or with stay-in dinner meals prepared by our very own gourmet chefs, and with recommendations for both family-friendly and adult-only venues both in and around the Margaret River region.


Exploring the Beat

Boundless Excitement Are Those Events That Light Up Your Imagination

  1. Indulge in one or more of our exciting water activities.
    –With an endless number of main and quieter beaches, you can lull the day away at one location or plan to beach hop from one spot to another.
    –Fishing, from the edge or on the water is a favourite pastime with residents. You can join a charter fishing cruise that features deep-sea venues, catered lunches, and that provides all of the necessary equipment to reel in a mountable catch.
    –Surfing is a popular sport, especially in Margaret River where we have some of the world’s most renowned surfing locations. With over 70 surf breaking spots, the area offers ideal conditions for the novice, intermediate and advanced skilled surfers. First-time surfers can learn the basics at any one of our numerous surfing schools.
  2. When in downtown Margaret River, it is worth your time to visit the underground observatory at the end of the Busselton Jetty. You’ll get to see the colourful and active world of both water creatures and wildlife plants without the need to get wet. An exciting experience for all ages.
  3. Take your excitement to new heights with an aerial flight over stunning Margaret River’s natural coastline, forest trails, and rock formations. Your bird’s eye view of the exceptional landscapes will delight and amaze you.
  4. Vines on a sunny day in Margaret River. Enjoy the excitement of watching movies under the stars. Several of our local wineries offer family-friendly evening movies. Bring a blanket or a folding chair to lean back and enjoy the picture of the evening while sipping on some of the area’s top-rated, award-winning wines and nibbling on local tasty snacks.
  5. With more than 120 wineries in the Margaret River area, it is an effortless outing to stop at one or more wineries during a day’s touring. You can join a guided tour, take advantage of their indoor and outdoor eateries, and shop in their cellar doors for wine tastings and takeaway gifts.
  6. Margaret River is home to some of Western Australia’s favourite craft breweries. Stop, shop, and sample a mesmerising array of flavoured beers. Find your new favourite and purchase some take-aways for gift giving or for personal enjoyment when you return home. Most breweries have children’s play areas and dining areas.


Adventures Can Be Planned Guided Tours, or Spur of the Moment Outings

  1. Margaret River is home to 4 elaborate natural caves that were formed over many thousands of years. These caves are deep beneath the surface with some being over 36 meters down. The impressive stalagmites and stalactites are enormous and fascinating. The caves are open to the public with guided tours or semi-guided self-tours.
    Be sure to bring a sweater or jacket when visiting a cave as the down-deep temperature can be on the chilly side. An adventure fit for children as young as 4 and all those physically fit above the age of 4. Wear non-slip shoes as you will need to walk down and back up hundreds of steps as there are no elevators, and some of the underground floors can be slippery.
  2. Paddle your way through the back-water byways in a guided canoe tour. You will be introduced to astonishing sights of Margaret River’s terrain that is not visible from the regular roads and trails. See native wildlife rarely seen out in the open and learn about the region’s ancient landscape. An adventure of a lifetime for all ages.
    Sunset in Hamelin Bay with a stingray on the coastline. 3. Hamelin Bay is a pristine beach of white sands and crystal-clear, vibrant turquoise waters. Your adventure to Hamelin Bay is where you can visit with our famous Hamelin Bay stingrays that appear to be welcoming you to their home ground by coming right up to the coastline. Remember that the stingrays are wild, so petting is not encouraged.
    4. Pet lovers will have an adventure of a lifetime when visiting any one of our local animal farms. The animals roam free, are people-friendly, and enjoy an occasional pet. Young visitors are encouraged to feed the farm animals and even invited to milk a goat or sheep. Animal farms have play areas for the young at heart and outdoor eating tables.
    5. There are farmers’ markets situated throughout the area that offer local homemade items, fruits and vegetables, and beverages. While the farmers’ markets are open during the daylight, there is one evening market that might draw your attention. There is a Twilight Market that opens at 8:30 PM and it is located at Caves House in Yallingup.
    6. If you are drawn to local culture and entertainment, then any one of our local festivals is where you want to be. Enjoy the costumes, local music, children-specific activities, and the tastes of regional favorite foods. Festivals are family favorite adventures.


Thrills Are Those Moments of Wonder Only Experienced in Margaret River but Are Carried in Your Heart Forever

  1. Cape Leeuwin lighthouse view on a sunny day.A visit to Cape Leeuwin is a trip into the history of the area with skeletons of wrecked ships and old lighthouse keepers’ cabins, where you can climb the stairs of the lighthouse that has been continuously operating for over 120 years, and where you get an up-front and personal view of exactly where the Great South Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet. You might even be among the lucky visitors that get a breathtaking view of a majestic migrating whale breaking the surface off the cape.
  2. Nothing says history like an off the beaten track visit with the regions first inhabitants, the Aborigines. Tour their ancestral grounds, learn how they have survived over the millennia, and even enjoy tasting some of their original dishes. A great thrill for all members of the family.
  3. Be amazed at the beauty of Western Australia’s spectacular sunsets. A natural display of smoky reds, pastel pinks, mulberry purples, and burnt oranges. Plan a relaxing evening seated on a white sandy beach, or relaxing on your private lanai here at Forest Rise, sipping one of our region’s celebrated wines while viewing this sensational heavenly kaleidoscope of colors.

Summer is the favourite season for tourists in Margaret River. If you are planning a weekend getaway or a full holiday vacation, now is the time to reserve your Forest Rise accommodations. Call us today to reserve your private chalet. You can contact us by telephone at (08) 9755 7110, by email at reception@forestrise.com.au, or leave us a message here. Our friendly members will be glad to answer any questions and to help schedule your preferred dates. We look forward to seeing you soon.


COVID-19 Information

Western Australia is now in Phase 4 of easing the restrictions put in place to control the spread of the COID-19 virus. Another way that we are getting closer to pre-COVID normality is the easing of the border restrictions for visitors coming into Western Australia from those states and territories deemed ‘very low risk’. You can view the Western Australia Department of Health website for the latest information on which states and territories meet the travel criteria.

This means that all of our outdoor public spaces are open for your summer getaways. Additionally, nearly all of your favourite attractions, sporting events, wineries, breweries, local art galleries, and family-oriented activities are open and ready to welcome both new and returning visitors.

All of the employees at Forest Rise meticulously adhere to all governing guidelines to ensure the health and safety of every one of our guests and our staff members. You can be assured of having a completely cleaned and disinfected chalet with freshly laundered linens, towels, and sheets, and with all kitchen appliances and surfaces sanitised.