Summer Outdoor Cinemas in South West WA

Who doesn’t love watching a great movie on a balmy summer night outdoors?

Outdoor cinemas Margaret River

Margaret River outdoor movies may have begun several years ago at the Cape Mentelle winery, but there are now four outdoor cinema locations across the region.

Today, outdoor cinema screenings can be enjoyed at Cape Mentelle in Margaret River, at Happs Wines in Dunsborough, at Caves House Hotel in Yallingup, and at Courtyard Cinema, ArtGeo in Busselton. Each outdoor cinema has its own screening schedule, with dates that range from late December 2016, through to April 2017. Single and multi-movie tickets vary in price and can be purchased at local visitor centers or directly from each movie location.

Here are the highlights of each location:

1. Margaret River: Cape Mentelle

There are evening movies from mid-December until the first week in April. The doors open at 6 PM, most movie screenings start at 7:45 PM, and there are live concerts added at 6:30 PM on Fridays before the film screenings. You can bring your own blankets and rugs or you can rent a bean bag for $8. Bring your own picnic food or purchase items from the food and wine bar. No smoking and no outside alcohol are permitted.

Cape Mentelle is located at 331 Wallcliffe Road, Margaret River. There is on-site parking and disabled access to the movie screening area. For additional information and movie programming, call directly on (08) 9757 0888.

2. Busselton: Courtyard Cinema at the ArtGeo Cultural Complex

This is the first year for this cinema screening location. Screenings of family friendly movies are scheduled for every Saturday evening from 7 January through 11 February 2017. The doors open at 7 PM and the movies start at 7:45 PM. Bring your own picnic blanket, cushions, lawn chairs, or bean bags. Bring your own food, but no outside alcohol is permitted. Wine, beer, coffee, soft drinks, pizza, ice cream, and the movie-must-have popcorn can be purchased on-site.

The ArtGeo is located 4 – 7 Queen Street in Busselton. For program scheduling and additional information, call (08) 9751 4217.

3. Dunsborough: Happs Wine

This large outdoor cinema is positioned in the garden area of the picturesque Happs Winery. The Saturday evening movie showings are scheduled for January 14th and 21st, February 11th, and March 11th. The doors open at 6:30 PM and the movies start at 8 PM. Bring your own blanket, rug, or chair, or use any of the chairs provided. Drinks and a small food menu are available for purchase on-site.

Happs Wine is located at 575 Commonage Road in Dunsborough. For program scheduling and additional information, call directly to (08) 9755 3300.

4. Yallingup: Caves House Hotel

Movies on the big, outdoor screen can be enjoyed on the lawn of the historic, heritage Caves House Hotel. The scheduled screenings for 2017 are January 3rd, 4th, 10th, 12th, and 17th. Some various dates have been reserved for showings in February. The doors open at 6 PM and the movies begin at 8 PM. Bring your own rugs, cushions, blankets, or chairs. Taller chairs will need to be situated at the back of the lawn. Bring your own snacks or purchase carry out food and drinks from the bistro, bar, or pizza shack. No smoking and no outside alcohol are permitted.

The Caves House Hotel is located at 18 Yallingup Beach Road in Yallingup. For program details and additional information, call (08) 9750 1888.